Unlockable Content

We are working on making the Maxiverse as real as possible so that every buyer of a Maxigirl can also get a physical gift as unlockable content.

You will receive the original digital files: the artwork file in its original dimensions and its animated version (mp4) in 4K quality.

A print version of the purchased NFT is also offered with 2 options of attaching systems (back strain or frame mount). Prints are made in high quality aluminum support.
Goodies such as stickers will also be included to make you fully enjoy the Maxiverse experience.

Prints and Options

Prints are made by a French family company named SolidNFT. The NFT are printed through a sublimation process on high quality aluminum support. This company is a reputed expert and uses the biggest press/oven in France to use this technique.

Beside the print size by default for each rarity, many other print’s options are available and delivery can be done all around the world: sizes (from 20*30cm to 120*180cm), aluminum quality (standard, premium), coats (metallic, mat, glossy….), attaching systems (back strain, frame mount or floating frame).

The total price will be adjusted before your purchase in order to include your final choice. Please find the details below.


We are willing to make the Maxiverse be a universe where everyone can be a contributor. Imagine a world where you can create your own superheroes? This is now possible!

You can order your Maxigirl and propose your idea, her name, her environment,... and let the rest handle by ourselves, contact the Maxiverse team directly.

*This service could be close time to time

Maximal Rarity

The Maximal rarity is one of the rarest categories of the Maxiverse. Its particularity is to create a Maxigirl in collaboration with brands, influencers, public personalities…

The idea is to sell through the NFT technology a specific product or service (i.e. limited edition). The customized Maxigirl will reflect artistically the universe of these partners.

Feel free to contact the Maxiverse team through mail to build up such a collaboration.
Mail : maxiverse.art@gmail.com

Charity Actions

The Maxiverse was born out of the idea to help women’s cause in order to contribute to change society about injustices, violences, inequalities that women are still victims in the 21st century.

A part of the money got through the sales is distributed to charity associations which support this cause. We aim at doing a transfer once a year for one of these organizations.