Your NFT comes with some digital unlockable content, print and goodies !
As a owner of a Maxigirl (NFT) you will be granted as a VIP member of the Maxiverse community.

You can find an animation (.mp4) of your NFT in 4K resolution to put it on screen and the original drawing of your NFT in full resolution/quality.

For now, some stickers of the Maxiverse. More coming soon !

Yes ! You do really have a print on a full aluminium plate, high quality premium, from our dearest print partner SolidNFT.

For the Hero rarity NFT, it comes with an A4 Format (20*30cm).

For the SuperHero rarity NFT, it comes with an 40*70cm size.

For the Goddess rarity NFT, it comes with an 60*90cm size.

For the Maximal rarity NFT, it will depends of the patners, everythng is possible…

Yes, you can ! This is like an order you can take with the Maxiverse Team, you will be able to choose between a certain amount of possibilities and let us do the rest.

For example, you want a Maxigirl looking like you on a specific theme with abilities ? It is possible !
Apply your form HERE


*Note : This option will be open time to time, you will be notified through our Social Media.
**Note : The Maxiverse Team have the right to refuse any demand who doesn’t fit with the universe.

Goddess are unique, they are coming at the end of every Official Series.


Maximal are unique and features an important partner. This one coming with special gift who’s gonna be display the day of the release.

We are creating right now the goodies, this will come in the end of the first Quarter of 2023 !

Send a mail with all the informations we need to start a discussion about the collaboration :

  • If you are an artist and you want to work on something with us (Special Edition Serie)OR 
  • If you are a personality and wish to start a feature between us (Maximal Rarity)

Contact the Team through mail : maxiverse.art@gmail.com

You are all welcome !

Yes, we ship all our products worldwide !

Yes, you can choose any size you want between the ones we are proposing :

  • 20*30cm
  • 40*70cm
  • 60*90cm
  • 120*180cm

*Note : For the Goddess and Maximal Rarity we do not downgrade the base size, for example you cannot choose a 40*70 or 20*30 for them.

Yes, you do have all our print prices HERE

Yes ! You have tons of possibilities of customization of your print ! Our partner have listed them HERE. Don’t be worry if you can’t choose by yourself, we gonna set it up for you.

Every of our prints comes with our signatures PLUS an authentic certificate in aluminium sealed on the back of your beauty.

Two to Three weeks depending of the options you choosed, for the worst case scenario 1 month (but if so, we will add some cookies !)


For urgent delivery you can send a message to the team.

The rarities in the Maxiverse are made to determine the number of variant they could have.

For example an Hero is up to 3 pieces, the SuperHero up to 2 and so on…
Not only the number but also the color of any variants are different and then on the SuperHero rarity the variants have a different accessory.

Every of our NFT are release on Opensea, HERE.

No, all the work done so far for our NFTs are 100% handmade

It’s possible to book an NFT during 3 days maximum, after this period if the NFT isn’t bought, the NFT will return to the market and you will not be able to book any NFT for a month.

Book your NFT through this form HERE.