The Maxiverse is a whole new universe made exclusively of female heroes that we create ourselves. Through this collection, we want to pay tribute to women, to their courage, their resilience and their patience.

The Maxiverse is a project that also aims to highlight the comic and manga styles as art forms, rather than just utilitarian purposes.

Every Maxigirl is 100% handmade and each represents around twenty hours of work. We are committed to creating unique pieces in very limited quantities to showcase the artistic expression first and foremost.

Our clients are our wealth and will allow us to go further in our project. That is why we are committed to make each of them feel unique by offering exceptional unlockable contents when purchasing a digital art (such as prints).

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Empowerment Art

"Empowerment art is the artistic movement that defines the essence of Maxiverse. It's characterized by character designs with vibrant array of colors, bold black outlines, and the collage of various images reminiscent of pop art's legacy. This style has also influenced comics and the extraordinary tales of heroes with fantastical powers and unwavering courage. Empowerment art aims to evoke feelings and emotions that ignite a surge of motivation and inspiration within the viewer, reminding us that despite the challenges we face, what truly matters is to keep moving forward, even if it's one step at a time."

Our Strategy


Our project’s strategy and philosophy are based on the following 5 core values:

P – Promote: Signifies the project’s focus on promoting women.

O – Original: Represents the unique artistic style mixing comics and mangas.

W – Works: Refers to the handmade nature of each artwork and High-Quality render of the art through the screen or the print.

E – Empowerment: Represent de creation of a whole universe with stories for each character that convey values of courage, resilience, wisdom and perseverance.

R – Real Goods: Indicates that the project includes physical goods in addition to the digital assets.


Welcome to our spatial exhibition in the Metaverse! Explore our NFT gallery on where art and technology converge in a virtual realm. Immerse yourself in a collection of unique digital art pieces and interact with other viewers.



A rarity system has been put in place by the Maxiverse team to anticipate the creation of collectible cards and highlight the most valuable NFTs. Rarity affects the price of the NFT and the number of its variants (a variant is the same character drawing with a different color and/or a change of detail).


1 Original + 2 Variants (color change only)
White Border
Print Size : 20*30cm

58,4% of the collection


1 Original + 1 Variants (color change and different accessory)
Black Border
Print Size : 40*60cm

33,8% of the collection


1 Unique NFT + 1 stunning animation of this Myth.
Gold Border
Print Size : 60*90cm

3,9% of the collection


1 Unique NFT featuring artists, partners, celebrities…
Diamond Border
Print Size : 60*90cm

3,9% of the collection